Arnova 7 G2 Gingerbread Tablet – How to Install Android Market and Gmail Apps


Arnova 7 G2 from Archos

Arnova 7 G2 from Archos

Just like to let you into a little secret and a great bargain to boot. If you are considering a Android pad or tablet and don’t want to spend a fortune, you could do allot worse than consider this sub £100 (160 USD)  7inch tablet. The G7 has a nifty little ARM Cortex A8 1GHz processor and runs under Android Gingerbread 2.3. It plays flash, streaming audio and video and has a very receptive display, a real bargain if you ask me! Tune-In Radio works great on this tab!

The real issue I had was that Google Apps and Android Market were missing from the offering (Arnova have installed a basically useless app called AppsLib) and I literally pulled out my hair trying to find a way to install Google Apps and Android Market on this tablet. But now I have cracked it and I have worked out how to install both app suites onto this discount tablet, so I thought I would share the knowledge as during my searches i have seen so many people searching for the same solution 🙂

Install Android Market and Gmail Apps on the Arnova 7 G2

I first upgraded my firmware to the latest version from the official site (this may not be necessary though) link to firmware page

I have zipped the required files here, they have been scanned using Avast and are virus free! [wpdm_file id=1]

If you do not want to register to download the files, just like this page (If you have Facebook) and the download link will apear.


Extract the .apk files, transfer the files to your Arnova using the USB cable and then install the apks using file manager in this exact order:

1.Google Services Framework
2.OneTime Initializer
3.Setup Wizard

After all the apps are installed, first run Gmail and it will ask you for your account details or to create a new account. once you have logged in or created a new account you will then be able to run Android Market 🙂

** Please note I have only tested this on the Arnova 7 G2 and no other Gingerbread OS pads.

Good luck!



46 thoughts on “Arnova 7 G2 Gingerbread Tablet – How to Install Android Market and Gmail Apps

  1. Thanks so much for instructions for this! Followed them, and so far, seems to have worked! 🙂 I did find almost identicle instructions elsewhere, but they didn’t say to log in to Gmail first and I tried the market first and I had no joy – kept getting an error about being unable to form a reliable data connection. Factory reset, and tried again, making sure I logged into my Gmail first and seems to have worked! Happy girl! 🙂

  2. Hi Sorry if I sound a bit thick here but how do I extract the files once downloaded to my laptop. It’s on windows 7 and when I click on the download it tells me I can’t open it. Do I just copy it to my desktop then paste to my tablet or am I completely wrong on this. As you state Appslib is absolutely useless and market is far better but I am struggling here. Your help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  3. Hi Debbie
    The files you have downloaded are zipped, so you have to unzip them using WINRAR or WinZip or as you have Windows 7 you should be able to open the zip file as if it were a folder, just click on it and you will then see the individual .apk files, then you need to copy the files and paste them to your desktop or another folder. They will then be uncompressed and ready for use.

    The easiest way to get them onto your Arnova is to take out the Micro SD card and as long as your PC has a card reader, you can drag the files over to the Micro SD card and once copied, re-insert the card into your Arnova. Then on your tablet, use the file explorer, you will find it among your installed apps, launch it and navigate to the micro SD card, you will see the .apk files, click on the individual files to install them in the exact order I have written in the article. When you click on a file, the tablet will ask you for permission to install the app.

    If you do not have a card reader, you need to use the USB cable provided with your Arnova!

    Hope the above helps

    Happy Easter and good luck


  4. Sorry for the delay in replying John. I actually did manage to do this about half an hour after posting the above question which I was pretty pleased with myself in doing. lol. Thank you so much for your reply and also sorry for not posting as soon as I had managed to do it so I could have saved you the time in posting above but it is much appreciated and I know where to come to if I have any problems. Just for future reference although I have windows 7 it wouldn’t let me open the zip file like a folder to see the individual .APK files. It just come up with the red error message asking me to choose a program to use in order to open or search the web for a program. I just downloaded a winzip program with a little uncertainty as I am very wary about virus’ etc.

    Anyway enough rambling. Thanks again and hope you had a lovely Easter weekend.


  5. After installing the apk files i went to gmail and tried to log in but it says after 3 min ” CANT ESTABLISH A RELIABLE DATA CONNECTION TO THE SERVER. am i doing something wrong please help i have a arnova 7 g2 really want the market to work thanks.

  6. seem to be having same problem with can not establish data connection to server?? do i need to do factory reset and will this cause me to lose everything i have added to tablet?? any help would be gratful

  7. I think that the issue has to do with your Internet connection as this is the first I have heard that someone was unable to connect. Other than the Internet connection there is no reason that it should not work. Please note that this will only work on the Arnova 7 G2. Sometimes it just requires that you wait a little and try later. Hope it has worked since you wrote your message.

  8. Anyone had a parsing error message when attempting to install the .apk files in File Manager?

  9. Maybe they were corrupted when you unzipped them, I would recommend that you unzip them on your PC again and upload the unzipped files to your Arnova and then use file manager to install again!

  10. Hey, I got the files and installed them in the correct order, but I’m having a similar problem. When I try to connect to GMail it says that it cannot establsh a connection. Does anyone know for sure if it’s the connection or a problem with the process? Any help would be appreciated!

  11. Worked a treat. Need to work out how to update the older Android Market to Google Play but at least now I have freedom to install any app of my choice. Thank you so much!

  12. Turn off your wifi and turn it back on should solve problems with gmail I still can’t get android market to load. Gmail works fine as does talk… any help

  13. Hi
    I have Arnova 10g2. Followed your instructions for 7g2 and get the message saying CANT ESTABLISH A RELIABLE DATA CONNECTION TO THE SERVER. My internet is working fine, even on the tablet. I know your instructions are for 7g2 only, but please advise what can be done.

  14. this also works on the ARNOVA 10G2, instead of seting up the mail first i went to the market app and set up the account through that works great! many thanks for the apps.

  15. This worked as it’s written. Like a previous posted mentioned, I have to
    update the android market to google play, but I have access to more apps.
    I installed this on my Arnova 7 G2. BTW there is a update for the
    Arnova firmware, I did run it prior to install these apps.

    **************************Please Note !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I installed the firmware update and it DID WIPE OUT EVERYTHING I HAD ON MY TABLET AS IF IT WAS NEW.

  16. Guys,
    This may sound weird, but I was having the same problem about the unreliable data connection.
    I don’t know if this is the answer or not, but by chance, I tried to log into my google account and I didn’t put in the bit but clicked down to the password instead and put it in. I found that the arnova put in the itself and when I went to connect, it did it that time. It may have been complete coincidence. I don’t know, but give it a try. Suffice it to say, when I got it working, it was/is a perfect nob.
    Thanks to the poster.

  17. Hi chaps

    sorry if I am missing somrthing obvious but I have transfered the files to the device via usb, how do i then install the files on the device? You refer to file manager how do i access this on the Arnova?

    Appreciate any advice

  18. I am also getting the same message, can’t establish a reliable data connection to server. I have tried turning my internet off and on again and also not typing in the part of my e-mail address and still no joy. All the files were opened in the correct order, if anyone can suggest anything it would be appreciated 🙂

  19. Now POWER DOWN the device, and power up.. Before signing into Google. That worked for me Walaah!! Google apps and market!!

  20. The no connection problem can be easily fixed by turning your WIFI off then on again. Then just relaunch Gmail from the icon and you should be able to register. John

  21. I have it all installed and the market is working but when i click on games i only have a choice of 4.have i done something wrong?

  22. Hej john!
    I’d install gmail first but when I want to open it I get a white screen… why is that? is it “maybe” becouse i already have an email account for something else on my arnova 7 g2? before I install I get, the application
    you’re installing, replaces another application.what do I have to do?
    thank you

  23. Arnova’s customer support is basically non existent. I have written to them on several occassions without ever having received a reply 🙁

  24. Sorry I have taken so long to reply, been away. Hopefully by now you have fixed the problem, but if not I think na reboot should solve the problem. John

  25. Oh man Im need help please. Ive been toying around with this for months. I downloaded the files to my laptop, and i downloaded winzip because when i went to open the downloaded files it wont fully open my antivirus shuts it down, i dont know what to do in winzip or how to find these couple files you say to transfer into my Arnova. I know im missing something so simple plz help :/

  26. Thank you so much for this info, I love this tablet now. It is everything I wanted when I purchased it.

  27. hi i downloaded everything in the right order and this is a third party android store, with only third patry apps. Why cant i acess the real games?

  28. I’m feeling a bit frustrated here. I do everything as suggested. when i tap the android market icon, though, the browser goes to the terms of agreement. I do not see the buttons though to agree, so I’m stuck there. In the terms it also states, that if I will use the app, it will also act as if I agreed on the terms. When I try to install an app I get the message stating that I have not accesed the Google play stote app blablabla. Anyway,what am I doing wrong?

  29. please my Arnova 7 g2 is unable to connect to wifi,it keeps bringing error,please i will appreciate if you can explain the step by step to get out of this mess…….i will appreciate if i can get reply from you soon.

  30. hi done what u said great all works but wen i try and syn in to gmail it wont let me says cant astablish a reliable data connection to the server any ideas

  31. Can you please explain these intrustions a ittle more easier for me to understand I’m only 17 I only know half of the stuff you said lol thanks

  32. Thanks. Got everything installed and working, with the exception of the market. I only have 3 apps to choose from. How do I get full access to all apps, or how do I update to the latest version of google play??

  33. hi i have followed everything that is written but everytime i try to log into gmail i am getting unfortunately, android system has stopped

    any ideas i really need this to work

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